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    CS6 Pshop - Alerts at startup; "All Readable Documents" not defaulting at opening; Format in file name not same as Format list when saving file

    icfives Level 1

      Just downloaded CS6 Design Standard. System - OS10.6.8 (about to upgrade to 10.8), iMac 27 i5Intel 4core 12GBram 2.66Ghz

      As Pshop opens, I get three alerts...

      1 - Could not load Enable Async I/O module because does not work with this version of Photoshop

      2 - Could not load Multiprocessor Support module because does not work with this version of Photoshop

      3 - Could not load FastCore Routines module because does not work with this version of Photoshop


      Then asks if I want to be connected to internet or something like that. Then Pshop opens even before I click OK

      None of these happened with CS5.5

      I realize CS6 is 64bit. I have CS5.5 set at 32bit because of plugins.


      Two issues I've noticed so far with CS6.

      1 - As I open a document, the Enable selections drop down at bottom of window is not set on anything. I have to always select the All Readable Documents. Not the case in CS5.5 which was always default at All Readable Documents. Could not find anything in Prefs to this issue.

      2 - When saving a document, whether RGB or CMYK, the drop down Format selections are not accurate. The first three or four do read correctly as correlating with the suffix (.jpg .tif etc) in the file name at top of window. But then the subsequent format selections below third or fourth one read as the one above it in the list.

      eg: as RGB file: Saving through BMP indicates same in file name at top (.bmp). However, the next choice below that, Gif, still shows as .bmp in file name at top. And so on to bottom of list. Same with CMYK file.


      Never saw this in CS5.5.


      When I initially installed CS6, I noticed only item in the Plugins folder was Panels folder.... no other plugins. I thought this to be a download error of some sort and dragged basic plugins from 5.5 into 6 Plugins folder. Could this be the problem? Otherwise, I would have NO plugins in CS6


      I have downloaded CS6 twice now thinking the first was corrupted. I used both download options on Adobe page - Akamai and standard

      Same issues with both. One response stated this all to be a plugins problem. I have uninstalled "after market" plugins from both 5.5 & 6 SuperBladePro was the only one. Restarted CS6. Still same problems. Only items in Plugins are what came with program.