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    Going from aperture to LR PROBLEMS!


      So I just used a aperture to LR plug in, that is now bundled with today's version of LR update. It all seemed to go smoothly except now in my LR some images that were edited in aperture came across as unedited. Not all but it's 50/50. Which makes this plug in somewhat useless.


      So more or less I have two versions of each image.. Original and edited one that had a star rating. So now in Lightroom both of those look the same (unedited) even the one which is tiff and clearly has the rating which should have been the edited image?


      has anyone else had issues like this while migratin? Any help would be appriciated.



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          The behavior sounds consistent, but you should learn what is going on in order to achieve the best desired outcome.


          Adobe assumes you want to keep your masters, and nearly all of us do want to retain the masters.  Lightroom does not have code to interpret and apply Aperture adjustments, which is understandable.  So what Lightroom can take is your master images and adjusted previews from Apeture, along with the metadata.


          What you're seeing are the masters (you refer to these as "unedited"), and Aperture previews (JPEG files you are calling "edited").  You may or may not want the previews, and you can select or deselect this option before running the plug-in.  Most of us will want the previews.  You can also choose to have the original and preview stacked, depending on the options you choose before you run the plug-in.


          If you do want to migrate with previews, you will need to generate them first.  You likely want to regenerate them using the largest size possible.  Delete previews on images you don't want previews for (low-rated images or rejects).


          Having said that, I've documented an issue in the forums where the plug-in does not copy all the previews available!  So you'll need to make a choice of whether to migrate now, or hope for an update that does copy all the previews.