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    Is it possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to the "applied effects" window in Premiere Elements 13?


      I could not find "Applied Effects" in the keyboard customization list at all.


      My actual challenge is this:


      I would like to have the Project Assets window (on the left) AND the "Applied Effects" window (on the right) open all the time. However, when I click on "Applied Effects", the program monitor slides to the left, and is partially hidden under the Project Assets window. (see image below)


      I don't want to shrink the program monitor down to remain entirely visible between these windows on the left and right. That makes it pretty small.


      So, my plan is to create a keyboard shortcut for "Applied Effects" so that I don't have to find it with the mouse and click it on/off/on/off all the time.


      Thanks in advance. --JR


      Edit window.jpg