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    Failed premier 12


      How do I get a refund/credit for a failed versions of Premier 12 purchased June 2014, that three days of forums and three hours with technical support this date could not repair/make operate?

      I subsequently downloaded Premiere 13 on the same computer and it is working fine.

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          The only one who can make that kind of deal is Adobe. And, we are not Adobe. Rather user to user.


          Did you purchase 12 direct from Adobe? That would be a plus. But, you are probably well beyond the within 30 days of purchase which would be an overwhelming negative. But, this is an Adobe call.


          If you did not purchase direct from Adobe, then you would have to deal with the return refund policy of the seller from whom you purchased the product.


          You appear to have already Adobe contact information. But, if you need a suggested link to Adobe Chat Orders, please let us know.



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            major78@aol.com Level 1

            Appreciate the feedback, are you aware of any Adobe Customer Service phone 

            numbers, their online support goes nowhere.





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              I have gotten occasional favorable feedback on this route for refund within 30 days of purchase from Adobe direct


              Contact Customer Care

              Premiere Elements

              Membership, Account, Payment

              Payments, Invoices, orders

              Chat Panel

              If the link does not hold its set, then you will need to navigate to Chat Panel using the above titles as guides.


              I do not have any telephone numbers. But a Google Search bring up the telephone number 1-800-833-6687 which is

              described as Adobe Systems, Custom Service.