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    Split manuscript into text frames at chapter headings?

    JulianFT Level 1

      Dear all,


      I currently working on a script to automatically import a manuscript from a Word file, and then properly format it for PDF and EPUB. Currently, the manuscript is being placed into one autoflowing override of the master text frame, with the chapter headings and subheadings neatly formatted using paragraph styles and separated using page breaks. However, I would like to split this into multiple text frames at the chapter headings, one for each chapter, and ideally still have them autoflow to fit the text.


      Now, from a theoretical point of view, I get the idea that this shouldn't be too hard, seeing as the 'breaking points' are already clearly demarcated by the chapter headings and their associated paragraph styles. However, up until now I've mainly worked with one large text frame, so I'm at a bit of a loss about where to start here. Any help would be immensely appreciated!


      Best regards and thanks a bunch in advance,