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    Brush Cursor Bug in Photoshop CC on Retina iMac and OSX Yosemite - resetting prefs did not work


      The brush cursor is not working on my retina iMac and Yosemite OSX in Photoshop CC.   I saw someone else in the forums had this issue and followed Adobe's advice to reset the preferences (Photoshop: Brush cursor bug on retina iMac running OSX 10.10 Yosemite).  I tried both ways resetting preferences as described by Julieanne Kost in her video.  Unfortunately, even though the preferences reset, this did not fix the bug.  The brush cursor still stops at 50.  The outline of the brush disappears after 50 and any larger brushes just show either a hand, arrow, or crosshair, which makes it impossible to edit my photos.  I tried resetting twice and this problem still persists.  What should I try next?