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    Adobe Send Wants Me to Upgrade Before Allowing Personalized Message

    Zap Man Level 1

      Have used Adobe Send for many years. Most recently paid $200+ via auto-renewal in Oct 2014. Send Now has wiped out all my old Files and Messages and I am trying to start again with Adobe Send.


      I have spent about an hour trying to get Adobe Send to work and continue sending Files and Messages. Rather frustrating that the interface and transition is so fickle, strange and frustrating. Is it possible to perhaps forego the dictated change from Send Now to Adobe Send until Adobe Send is tested out with a user group or two and made ready for prime time? As it is now, it appears to be in sort of an "alpha" state... with a bit more work it could perhaps be ready for beta testing with user groups... but it is NOT ready for operational deployment in its current state. My apologies for being so critical but I am really surprised that Adobe would deploy Adobe Send in its current rough state and in this manner.


      The particular challenge that seems to be road blocking further progress is as follows: When I try to log on to Adobe Send it recognizes my un and pw but I cannot select the personalized option and Adobe Send is asking me if I want to upgrade to some sort of PDF making package. It then goes round and round from screen to screen without any indication of what is wrong or what it is doing. Even finding help/support was a struggle. Can anyone help with this?