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    Migrating patch panel with SWF from CS4 to CC2014

    Gaius Coffey Level 2


      I'm trying to migrate some legacy code for a patch panel written in Flex / Flash for InDesign to work in CC2014.


      Currently, it is falling over as there is a var "InDesign" that was previously set but is no longer set.


      EG: In order to get a reference to the app object, the code was using;

      app = InDesign.app; //this variable is already present if this is run by indesign.


      But "InDesign" has not been set.




      Two questions;

      1. Has the object name changed, if so, what to?

      2. Is there any additional step I need to do to get InDesign / Flash integration working for Patch Panel?


      And a further one...

      3. Assuming that this is still possible and still supported, how can I debug using Flash Builder with InDesign?