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    Starch Tool Crashes After Effects


      I go utilize the starch tool to increase the area I don't want to bend on a three point puppet pinned rectangle shape layer but it keeps crashing the more surface area I select with two or more points (starch tool) and larger mesh amount from 350 to 700. If you follow the link below and view between 8:30 and 8:47, then you see the tutorial instructor attempted the same thing I described and then fast forwards skipping but mentioning that after effects "freaked out" and crashed. I'm attempting the same process he is doing, but he was able to continue despite the crash and doesn't know why while i keep crashing with no explanation or solution. My computer is a Mac Pro (1,1 motherboard) with 7 GB RAM running Lion OS w/ CS5.5 After Effects. Any solutions for this problem?


      After Effects puppet rigging tutorial - YouTube