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    Flash playing slow on Amazon EC2 Instance




      We are using flash to create video files. The basic idea is running a swf, exporting it's content to frames and creating video files in what ever format we need.

      We use a windows form, containing the flash activex control. Using the exe on our dev machines is ok  and the flash is played ok.

      However, when trying to run the same on an Amazon EC2 instance, the flash is played very very slow, like a frame a second.

      we use the c3.large instance with SSD and enough ram. At first we thought the problem might be with the frames write speed to the disk, but w also tried sending the frames to memory with no real impact on the performance.

      Any idea what can be done to speed up the flash FPS play rate?





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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          I have to assume that the issue is related to the virtualization technology and the actual amount of CPU time your jobs are getting on the machine.  There are definitely companies that are successful at hosting Flash Player instances in virtualized environments.  In a previous job, we did exactly what you're describing to render customer-created SWF output to a video (which we then burned and shipped to the customer on DVD).


          So, I know for a fact that this is possible in some hosting environments; however, I haven't done this in EC2.  You'll need to work with Amazon to determine whether or not they can help you improve performance in this particular use-case.  It's not something that we've designed Flash Player to do, nor would it be something we were likely to invest engineering resources to improve.  Alternatively, you might want to take a look at alternative hosting options.  I was just shopping for dedicated servers, and you can find some really inexpensive solutions with dedicated hardware for not a lot of money.