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    end of file error


      I cannot open Photoshop at the moment it says I have an 'End of File' error... help ??

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          GautamBahl Adobe Employee

          Hi Tronborg2000,


          Can you please provide a few more details.


          Which operating system are you using?


          Have you tried launching Photoshop holding down the shift key?


          Have you tried resetting the preferences?



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            vectorian Level 1

            This is one of the most common psd corruptions caused by a file that did not finish saving properly.

            There are many things that can cause this - all related primarily to the state of the network or hard drive the file is being saved to.

            To avoid:

            • work off your local machine hard drive (not a network drive)
            • ensure that you have ample (scratch) disk space (at least 20% free)
            • create multiple versions of your files with save as. You can always trash the ones you don't want when you're done.


            Recovery depends on how far the save function got before photoshop (or your computer) crashed. In many cases only the file header information is damaged. For larger files the damage can be more extensive.

            In all cases, the best recovery method is to open the file with Adobe Image Ready and save as. It may give a "file is unreadable" error while opening but manages to still open the file. In my testing, the results are 100% accurate (to whatever state the file exists in). In most cases the file was 100% recovered, including complex files containing vector and later masks, clippings and groups. I cannot say this is the case for any of the paid for "repair PSD" utilities which extract a raster only version of each layer and then re-build the layers into a new psd file. This results in a limited, "destructive" or rasterized layered file.


            Adobe Image Ready is hard to find. The last version I believe was V9 (“CS2″), May 2005.

            Adobe is offering a legacy download here:


            for users who previously purchased it (and need to re-install it). I didn't try this as I still have and use some functions of CS2. Note, you will need MacOS 10.6.8 running rosetta or older to instal on a Mac.

            Hope this helps!

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              Hi Vectorian, I am having the same problem with my Windows 7, 64 bit, Photoshop CC program.  A power surge hit and all of a sudden a file I've been working on for weeks is "end of file" and my deadline is today.  If it wasn't so sad it would be hilarious... If I can't get this file back I will have lost a lot of time and money...


              Adobe Image Ready is not listed in the download link you posted. Do you, or anyone, know how to recover a PSD file without spending hundreds of dollars? My file doesn't even cost that much.


              I just want to turn in my work... Why is photoshop doing this?  I never even knew this problem existed until now.  And I always chronically save my work every few minutes like a crazy woman.



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                tazh Level 1

                For what it's worth, this was useful to me...


                I right-clicked the folder containing the desired file, clicked Properties, then Previous Versions:


                Thank Almighty God... I was able to recover yesterday's version.  Better than being set back a couple WEEKS. I hope this is of some use to you.