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    3D Tracker isnt keeping solids and text in place...help

    Frontal Media Level 1

      Hello all,


      I have tried several times to use AE 3D tracker to be able to place some solids on footage shot by a Phantom multirotor and GoPro. The footage is covering landscapes where I want to place border-graphics for roads etc. My plan was to use solids, shaped as lines, place these on my footage, and that they should stay in place even though the footage is panning and moving over the landscape.

      My problem is that the solids tends to move...so they wont be in the same spot in frame 1 as in lets say frame 300.

      I am using the advanced analysis for the camera tracker. My Average errors are approx 1 px. I then select suitable targets and create solid and camera.


      Are there any other way to do this? I have several solids that should all stay in place in this footage.


      Thanks in advance