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    Undo PIP without the "undo" button


      I'm open to suggestion here.   I'm trying to edit between two sources that are not in sync, time code-wise, with each other.   The solution I came up with is to overlay one source with the other using PIP, match the shot, then make the necessary edits.   However, once I've made the match, then I have to resize the one source so they all look like one video.   Is there some way to undo the PIP effect on an individual clip without having to do it manually?  I've tried Remove Video Effect - that didn't work    Any

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Please remind us what version of Premiere Elements you are using and on what computer operating system it is running?


          What specific PiP are you using, assumed a motion-less type, either 25% or 40%.


          As you know, when you apply a PiP effect, you do not get a PiP panel in Properties Palette (v earlier than 10) or in Applied Effects Palette (v 11, 12, or 13).

          The result of this effect is seen in Properties Palette or Applied Effects Palette in the Motion Panel expanded and its Scale property and/or Position property.


          Would the following work for you...

          a. highlight the PiP clip on Video 2

          b. go to its Properties Palette or Applied Effects Palette, and change the Scale to 100% in the Motion Panel Expanded (or whatever it was before you applied the PiP to the clip).

          (if you changed the position of the PiP so that you have a Scale and Position change, then make sure to record the Motion Panel expanded's Position values before, so that you can reset them afterward when you reset the Scale to 100% (or whatever it was before the PiP application).



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            Buddycat Level 1

            Chicon re-edit jpg.jpgAh, yes.   Forgot to mention I'm using PE11.


            As you can see by the screencap I included, I used the 40%LR PIP.  I did find the Scale, as you mentioned.   However, if I slide it back to 100%, the image does not re-center itself.   What I was hoping for was something like being able to do with other effects where you can toggle it on and off.   I'm concerned that I won't line up both my sources exactly if I have to manually drag the view to center, and the overall video will jump slightly back and forth between shots.

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              Please reconsider what I wrote...This is going to involve two small adjusts Scale and Position if you opt to scale and move the position of the PiP.


              Start with


              Video on Video Track 1, to stay as is.

              Video on Video Track 2, to be your PiP (picture in picture).

              Highlight the Video on Video Track 2, go to its Motion Panel expanded under Applied Effects Tab. Leave the

              Applied Effects Palette/Motion Panel expanded open.


              Make a record of the two Position values, 360.0 (side to side) and 240.0 (up and down).

              And, you know you are starting at 100% Scale.


              Drag the PiP 40% LR preset into the Video on Video Track 2 to get


              Look at the Scale and Position values in Motion Panel expanded.


              The two Position values have changed and are related to the current position of the PiP. You can move the PiP

              around as much as you want, and each time the Position values will change accordingly. If you keep the 40%

              sizing of the preset, the Scale will remain 40 wherever you move the PiP.


              When you are ready to remove the PiP effect, look to the Motion Panel expanded and just type in the "before"

              values, Position (360.0, 240.0) and Scale 100. You should not run into any jumping side effects.


              What is the problem with that?. There is no toggle on and off for a PiP preset that I have ever ran into.



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                Buddycat Level 1

                Thanks.  I will have a look at that over the weekend.

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                  Buddycat Level 1

                  Aha.   Got it.    I guess I had a suspicion that was the way to do it, but I wasn't quite getting them in the right order.   Thank you again!

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                    Great news. Glad that suggestion worked for you.


                    Best wishes