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    Arabic Text - Font Substitution Issue - Urgent.




      We are using After Effects to create some Arabic Subtitles, we are using the Arabic Text script to make the arabic text to be written correctly (all joined up, flowing from Right to Left).


      We need to use a client's custom Arabic font on the project, and this font is being used correctly on most of the text, but on odd characters After Effects defaults the characters back to the "Adobe Arabic" font. If we try and select these characters and change the font back to the one we need to, as soon as I click enter, it substitutes the font back to Adobe Arabic.


      Is there a way to stop this?



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If AE's type tool will not read the custom fonts try to create your fonts in Illustrator and then convert them to outlines. If Illustrator will not open the fonts, try Photoshop and rasterize them. If Photoshop will not handle the fonts try In Design and then export as a PDF. All three have different type engines. If none of these work let us know.

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            SebJ Level 1

            Think I've narrowed down the problem a bit, After Effects can read the characters correctly, e.g:


            If I copy and paste the text in to after effects, the characters appear, but the flow of text is incorrect, and the arabic characters are not connected how they should be.


            To amend this, if i put the text through the Arabic Text script V2.0 from AE Scripts, the flow of text is corrected, but some of the characters are then substituted back to Adobe Arabic, and it is impossible to change them back to the font we need.


            I think the problem lies within the arabic text script!

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              Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

              No need for a special script for right to left. I have been doing hebrew text for over a decade and the workaround is pretty simple:

              1. Copy your text to a text layer from an unformatted editor. not photoshop, try notepad or even the address bar in your browser (it does not matter as long as it's not formatted). It will paste in reverse of course.

              2. Unlink the scale transform for the text layer and reverse the x scale e.g -100,100

              3. Add a scale animator and do the same


              now you text can be written from right to left and text animators will behave as well.


              bare in mind that brackets and numbers you will need to reverse back manually since 2016 will be now 6102.


              if you are still having problems, share a few screenshots and try to explain through it what exactly is happening.

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Today's update to After Effects (version 14.2) includes native support for RTL text like Hebrew and Arabic. For more details see this link.


                For information on the rest of the new features, see this page.