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    Again..cant install Flash Player on Win 7:64 Bit

    lostnitall Level 1

      Have read tutorial after tutorial. Cannot seem to get this right. Downloaded new flash player...it downloads ok..but when it installs it stops and says I DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION and stops. I tried deleting the WINDOWS SYS files as mentioned ( FLASH FOLDERS ) in windows32 and WOW folders..but it says I cannot delete? I tried again and it says it is in  use with another program. When I open task manager, I cannot find which program is using flash. I did run the flash uninstaller as mentioned on the site..and have same problem. Was trying to do clean install....no luck. I'm a wee bit slow on computers, but sure seem to be difficult to get this on my computer...


      Windows 7 Premium/ 64 bit/ IExpolorer.