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    Flash Player has to be installed with each computer start up.


      Flash Player NPAPI Plug in Version

                         PPAPI Plug in Version

      Browser Opera

      Windows Vista

      For a few months now, I have had to install Flash Player every time I start my laptop. I have posed the question 'why?' on various web sites, all to no avail. For some reason I have never come across this site. Yesterday, I followed the instructions you give for installing a bit of software (Subinacl), into C: Program Files/Windows Resource Kits/Tools.

      After installing what was suggested, Flash Player showed up in the Opera 'DeveloperTools> Plug ins', as Enabled.

      This morning, on start up, Flash Player has vanished again. It is showing in 'Control Panel', but has vanished from Opera. Neither does it work in Firefox (it is missing from the Firefox plug in section.).

      I have uninstalled Flash Player numerous times via the correct site and have even used Revo Uninstaller this last time, but it will still not stay installed.

      Suggestions please