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    How to import ODT text files?

    freehandvet Level 1

      I receive ODT files from a writer. When using inDesign's 'Place' command the file name is greyed out… it can't be selected and added.

      When dragging from Bridge I get the following alert:

      'Cannot place this file. No filter found for this requested operation'


      I can double click on the ODT file in the Finder, it opens in Text Edit. From there I can copy and paste into the InDesign file.


      Is there a filter available?

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          MW Design Level 5

          I don't have ID running at the moment. Don't think I have ever tried using a file from OpenOffice or LibreOffice (the ODT file format is theirs) so I cannot remember if it is a supported file type or not. I have opened ODT files in LibreOffice (free) and saved out as a RTF and MS Word document type before for use in ID. This may be what you should do if the ODT format is not supported.