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    Bug with Image Maps links in popups?

    tswaters1 Level 1
      Has anyone else encountered this?

      I've got a simple topic with a two links to the same place... one is over text, the other an image map.
      This topic is viewed as a auto-sizing popup and when clicked:
      - The link over text works fine
      - The image-map link doesn't load -- only makes the popup disapear.

      The settings for the two links are exactly the same (Display in Frame: Page Default, Link to: the same for both). To get the image map link to work, I need to set Display in Frame to "Parent" -- but then when the topic is loaded outside the popup, the image map link will nuke the navigation frame!

      I guess I could not include the image map link because it's frivilous and someone can just press the text link... or I can remove the ability to view the page outside of the popup -- but still, this looks seems like a screwy bug to me.

      Has anyone else encountered something similar and/or know of a work-around?