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    What should I do? Illustrator Files I use in After Effects for an Animation Project are not loading! It has worked before!


      Here is my situation, I am working on a Paper Style Animation with After Effects. I used Illustrator to make the assets such as Characters, Scenes, Backgrounds, Props. The characters have individual layers for parts of their body that will move (Such as a hand, a fore arm, a bicep).

      I worked on mac to produce the Illustrator Files, then I import the Illustrator files into After Effects and create Compositions for the layers that are imported in After Effects. Recently they have not been loading, I am now working on a PC with the same Specs (Or even better) than the mac I was working on. The files worked before, but now they do not. I have optimized my Memory, Multiprocessing, and Page File capacity. I've also called Adobe Support, and they still were not exactly able to help me...