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        jaytref Level 1

        NO. Draw only supports Adonit Touch and Adobe Ink and Slide pressure sensitive styluses. More than a few users are upset about this, but Adobe doesn't seem to care much about that.

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          kalamazandy Level 1

          yeah, I'm sort of pissed about that. It used to be supported, then they basically just changed the app name, and now it's not. So you can buy Their pen instead. Well, I don't Like Adobe's pen. I already have a pogo connect and also a Jot Pro. But I don't really like the tip of that one. But there's no way I want the adobe one. How many apps does that work with? Maybe I don't Want to use an adobe app all the time. And I have to pay More for their pen? Forget That.

          They've been messing with Too many things lately. Shoot. Illustrator doesn't even work right. Huge problems with fills not even being in the right place. In that case, I'll be using something else while they fix it. Oh....but their pen doesn't work with other apps. Then there's that pointless ruler. I don't want to carry that thing around. Just use the edge of your moleskin, or something else you have handy.