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    Merging paid account without losing responses


      We have two differents accounts with diferent user name and two paid subscriptions, but we need only one. I want to merge the two accounts or just cancel one of the two subscriptions.


      Here is where it become weird, we have four forms in one account and only two in the second  account but these two also appear on the first account and the response are linked. They are totally identical and are linked.  For example if a delete a response on account B it is removed from account A and vice versa...
      Is there a way to cancel account B without losing all those responses?


      Account A                                       Account B (to be deleted and cancel my subscription)

      Form A: 42 answers                       Form A: do not exist or is not linked

      Form B: 10 answers                     Form B: 10 answers

      Form C: 109 answers                     Form C: do not exist or is not linked

      Form D: 60 answers                     Form D: 60 answers

      Thanks for your time.