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    Twixtor doesn't work


      I import my clip into AE CC.

      Then I split the clips.

      I find the part I want to twixtor, and I put it on.

      I put the speed on 1%.

      Disable resample and maintane aspect ratio is both off.

      Time remapping on.

      and It plays the twixtor on that clip i split but it shows the start of the video in slow motion.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          WHAT??? You expect Twixtor to flawlessly slow down footage so that it is 100 TIMES SLOWER than the original?


          Dream on.


          Twixtor's good, but NO software is that good.  You need a camera capable of shooting slow-motion.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Agree with Dave. You expect the program to turn a single frame into 100 and still see motion instead of 4 seconds of the same frame? That's just plain ridiculous! You really have completely wrong expectations or a severe lack of understanding here...



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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              First, Twixtor is not easy or intuitive, you have to follow the tutorials. Second slowing down footage to 1% is not going to work very well at all. If you can get it to work you'll need to apply some real fancy vector analysis using all of Twixtor's advanced features. Here again, you have to go through all of the advanced training materials and not rely on an amateur youtube tutorial made by a novice. Twitter is very heady stuff. For example, I never apply Twixtor to Footage, I apply it to a footage sized solid and then pick the footage as the source. That's how you should get started unless you want to do a very simple speed change.