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    Songs (mp3) aren't working anymore?

    A Zomberg Life

      Hey! So, when I openned Premiere Element 10 today, I found out that the songs already in the media section cannot be found. When I indicate where they are, Premiere tells me that a "generic error" occured. I tried deleting it from the media section and importing them again on Premiere but again, generic error. If I want to import other songs, generic error again. Please help me. I don't know what to do, I am a bit pissed because I cannot make it work and because my video is getting late. My subscribers are waiting for it, but I cannot finish it! Any help whould be greatly appreciated.


      Ps. Premiere is installed on my HP laptop.

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As a workaround, try converting the mp3 files to wav using either the free Audacity or Adobe Audition.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            A Zombert Life


            On what computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 10 running on? What is the operating system on that HP laptop?


            If you have iTunes music, it is easier to convert the iTunes music in iTunes to the wav version and then import that wav version into

            your Premiere Elements 10 project.

            iTunes: How to convert a song to a different file format - Apple Support

            If that works great....but


            Since you seem to indicate that this music was OK in a recent project of yours, I am a bit skeptical about the conversion business. But worth a first try

            to resolve the issue.


            Have you been moving around, deleting, or renaming files folders that went into the project AFTER you have saved closed the project? When use the "Where is the file ____?" message and when you have done the latter and gone to reopen a project, have you been matching the exact name being asked for by the message?


            I am hoping that this is a music format question instead of a missing media issue that has gone bad.


            Looking forward to your results.


            Thank you.