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    LR is "overwriting" some of my photos with other sets of photos. Editing from original photo is still there, same file


      I have gone through all of my original folders that are being "over written", none of them share the same folder, file #, etc. I tried re-importing the group of photos that have been covered up by other photos, but they show up as normal thumbnails and already shows that they are imported. A brief blurb popped saying it was overwriting or rewriting the metadata as I would click through the photo strip and watch LR overlay my original photos with other photos from another set. In the bottom photo I attached, photos of Sahalie Falls are replaced by Oregon Coast photos. The editing is obviously there from the previous photo. And for some reason LR has covered them with sideways or even upside down photos (unusual!). Many of my photos have also recently been disconnected from their folder location and have to be reconnected. I have fixed some of them but it goes back through 4 years of photos! This isn't the case for the coast vs Sahalie falls photos, though. Any ideas?                                    LR problem2.jpgLR problem.jpg