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    Can't Open RAW


      I have PSE 7 & 10 & 11. These are installed on various machines. Win 8 laptop = PSE 11. MacBook = PSE 10, iMac = PSE 7, PC workstation Win 7 = PSE 10 & PSE 11.

      I can open NEF, NRW, RW2, DNG on any machine except PC Workstation. PC workstation Win 7 will not open any raw file & just gives error "Cannot open <file>". I have uninstalled all instances of PSE on the PC workstation Win 7 and reinstalled - no joy.

      I have manually copied plug-ins from other working systems to the PC workstation Win 7 but that has not worked. The only option now seems to be to reinstall the OS and all layered products from scratch.

      Any ideas?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to determine what the latest version of Camera Raw is for each of your Photoshop Elements programs. And you need to determine what Camera Raw is required to support the specific camera models.

          Camera Raw-compatible Adobe applications

          Camera Raw plug-in | Supported cameras

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            MJRS50 Level 1

            I should add that Lightroom 4.3 can open the RAW files on the same machine that PSE 11 fails.

            This is what I can do with the following raw files

            Sony     ILCE 6000     .ARW     Convert to DNG - can not open them at all (FastStone Image Viewer can display these)

            Lumix     LF1               .RW2     Can open on all systems + Lightroom

            Nikon     D300             .NEF      Can open on all systems + Lightroom

            Nikon     D300s           .NEF      Can open on all systems + Lightroom

            Nikon     P6000           .NRW     Can open  on all system + Lightroom

            Nikon 1  V2                 .NEF       Can open on all systems + Lightroom


            In short, PSE 11 on my PC workstation Win 7 will not open any RAW file. I suspect that the fault lies in system files (e.g. add-in & DLLs) and/or the system registry. PSE 11 reports that all add-ins and its own components are up-to-date.



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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              FastStone is just showing you the camera-embedded preview JPG not decoding the raw files so can do that for newer cameras without any sort of update.


              The A6000 needs ACR 8.4/LR 5.4 or newer.


              The LF1 needs ACR 8.1/LR 5.1 or newer.


              The D300 needs ACR 4.3/LR 1.3.1 or newer.


              The D300s needs ACR 5.5/LR 2.5 or newer.


              The P6000 needs ACR 4.6/LR 2.1 or newer.


              The Nikon 1 V2 needs ACR 7.3/LR 4.3 or newer.


              LR 4.3 has the same camera-support as ACR 7.3.


              PSE11 ships with ACR 7.4 which can be updated to ACR 8.0. 


              What ACR version does PSE11 report, if any, if you do Help / About Plug-ins / Camera Raw in the PSE Editor?


              If no version is reported, then reinstall PSE11.

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                MJRS50 Level 1

                What is the URL for ACR 8.4 plug-in for PSE11?


                I can find info on camera support, Adobe product compatibility, DNG converter and a whole host of useful information that is not ACR 8.4 plug-in for PSE11.