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    Went from downloaded Lightroom Trial to a full DVD-version. Serial not working. Develop Module disabled.


      I downloaded a trial version of Lightroom 5 a couple of months ago. Liked it, worked around some wedding pictures and everything worked fine. Today I bought a DVD version of LR from a local trusted reseller in Helsinki, Finland.

      The trial version still in my Macbook pro, I put the dvd in and installed LR again. After a while, I started the LR and in some point it asked for serial code. Put it in there and it prompted that the serial is invalid. Tried it again and again, not working..


      I kept going, trying through Creative cloud, signed in it, signed in my account in adobe.com, registered LR5 in "my products" in there and waited for 30minutes as it told me to do. Adobe.com marked that serial code as a Lightroom version 5, platform MUL, so the serial code is real. LR was also added to CC, in "my installed applications".


      Logged off from everything, restarted my macbook and signed back in. Many times.


      Creative Cloud still says after LR that "Trial has ended"


      In LR, in Develop module there's a text "Develop module is disabled. Please renew your membership to reactivate the Develop module." Been there all the time today. What does it mean, To renew my membership?!


      I red about options online. In adobe forums there are some. For example SLStore and SLCache thing... There ain't those folders in my macbook. I even created those inside Library/Application Support/Adobe/ and gave all read/write permissions to make something happen. But still Develop module is disabled.


      In LR upper left corner it says "30 days left in Lightroom mobile trial."


      And when I restart LR, it does not ask for serial anymore.


      Any ideas what to do?