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    Linked Images Causing Color Issues


      I've before noticed font rendering problems when an embedded/linked image is present, but I believe they've always resolved themselves on Export. While annoying during program use, I'm just glad they don't cause any production issues!


      But I can't ignore my current problem because it's throwing my colors way off and roughing up text - even when exporting to PDF! Basically, if there is a raster image in the document (linked or embedded) the colors on just that page all become less 'bright'.


      It's not as obvious in the screenshots below, so here's a link to the PDF: http://saganites.com/hosted/colorissues.pdf


      I JUST realized while creating that link that Google Chrome's PDF viewer does not display the incorrect colors, only when previewed with Adobe programs (InDesign and Acrobat so far).



      Any ideas? Other comments about what menu to play with when experiencing display issues?