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    InDesign CC cursor just spins after opening IDML files?


      We have Adobe CC (not the 2014 yet).  I have a customer who is unable to open InDesign files that have been saved as IDML.  Well they open, but her cursor just spins never going to the arrow to work within the file.   However the same file is able to be opened on other computers and users with InDesign CC just fine.  She can even take an existing InDesign file from her desktop and open and save it as an IDML file, and then if she tries to open that it will have the same issue.  File opens but cursor spins forever. 

      Windows 7 Enterprise x64 bit

      Looking in task manager at process, it says InDesign is still running.  (no not responding messages, etc...)


      She receives files in IDML format from clients and others that have CC 2014 and are saving it back or that have saved it in this format for our clients that don't yet have CC and need them.  Cannot figure out what to do or what would be causing this.  Help is appreciated.