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    Pen tool acting strange again.


      When I'm drawing a path and undo a crappy point photoshop assumes that the next time I click, I want to start a new line instead of continuing the old line.  I have to click on one of the points again to tell photoshop that I want to continue the line, which is kind of a pain.  Photoshop used to do that automatically.  Anyway I can get that feature back?

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I did a quick test on my windows 8.1 system. backspace removes a single point but deselects the path, requiring you to select the path first to continue. Where as ctrl-z (undo just removes the last point keeping the path selected. Ctrl-alt-z will step back through the points removing each one individually keeping the path selected. It did not make difference if I used paths or shapes, both worked the same.

          Funny I never needed to undo a point before, I just redid the point later on.