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    Account suspended message

    Angie Beale



      I have a question. We have an Adobe ID for formscentral and the email associated is admin@systemise.com.au. When I checked our credit card info the details looks okay.


      I would like to know why I am getting this message on my personal email (below)


      When I use the email for angie@beale I can see our hosted forms but cannot see credit card info. It only shows on the admin@systemise


      Can someone please investigate

      From: noreply@adobe.com
      Date: 20 November 2014 9:39:29 pm AEDT
      To: angie@beale.net.au
      Subject: FormsCentral subscription suspended
      Reply-To: formscentral-noreply@acrobat.com


      Dear Angela Beale,
      We attempted to renew your FormsCentral subscription, but the credit card we have on file for you was declined. Please check the payment information in your subscription—it might be the card number or expiration date—and update it if needed.
      You can manage your subscription at: http://www.adobe.com/go/acom_my_subscriptions_en.
      -The FormsCentral Team
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