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    RH6 Crashes when compiling HTML project from RHx3

      I just upgraded from x3 to RH6, and when I go to compile a fairly large project (with all the bells and whistles such as conditional build tags, links, etc.) It crashes every time! It's a fatal exception error. I'm running Windows XP and can't get this to work no matter what I try. Also, when I go to "Batch Generate" I get a nifty little "X" box stating "too few parameters." I've seen these messages before being no MS novice, but this is truly baffling me as to why it won't generate the project. I even tried restarting my computer, with nothing else running, and generating the project as the first thing after rebooting, without any success.

      When I was in RH x3, everything worked absolutely fine without any problems whatsoever. So I'm really baffled by this kind of software nightmare.

      Seems to me this software is definitely not ready for release. I'm pretty disappointed and would really appreciate some answers for my $400, and I'm hoping one of the RH experts out there can provide me with some help and assistance.

      Thanks in advance.
      Rob Anselmi