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    Make EditText only allow numbers?

    gespinha Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am trying to make an EditText only allow to input numbers, how can I create this on the following EditText field?


      var w, layout;  
      layout = "dialog {  \  
          text_field: EditText { \  
              size: [100,20] \  
          } \  
      w = new Window(layout);  



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          xbytor2 Level 4

          Check out the Contact Sheet II.jsx script that comes with PS. It has key filtering stuff in it. Ignore the stuff for handling the Enter key: it's there to validate the form before processing.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            X is an extremely talented Photoshop scripter where I'm just a hacker that just hacks small scripts to do what I want done.   I created a small script a while back  to tile images onto a canvas. Data required is numeric.   I don't know Photoshop ScriptUI and those that do are annoyed at Adobe for not fixing bugs they report.  So I just steal their dialogs and smash them into what I want.and  hopefully avoid the bugs.  When I  create the dialog it would accept any values. I wanted to allow only numeric data so after doing some searching I think if i remember correctly I found some code I believe Michael Hale posted to handle the keyboard. I added that code to my small script.  You may have a easier time find our how to do what you want to do looking at a small script.   Contact Sheet II.jsx is huge.  How things fit may be harder to see in there. http://www.mouseprints.net/old/dpr/PasteImageRoll.jsx  If the uses enter anything other the a number or . and some edit keys like backspace in a numeric files they receive a beep and the key is not accepted.