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    Premiere Element 12 Support


      I have been trying for days to get help as I think my new program I bought in June this year is faulty as I had no trouble with Premiere Elements 7.

      I am making a movie by bringing in my photos but when I select text click on default text then select the font I want, rt.  click on it and click save, the Berkley Reg. 100 comes up and even if I delete that and type in the one I want it still comes up with the Berkley.  When I rt. click the font I want and click to "Make it default "the blue line comes around it but sometimes it won't work at all and sometimes it may work once or twice.  It is taking me so long fiddling trying to make the default I want to come in.  Could you please help me I would like to get into a chat but can't seem to do that either.  It is so hard to get help



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          The following comes road tested. And, a difference in memory of default was found between version 7 and version 12/12.1.


          Premiere Elements 12/12.1 Windows 7 64 bit.

          Expert workspace


          Text Menu/New Text/Default Test

          In the Titler, Text Section settings

          Comic Sans

          220 Bold Color Red


          Immediately went to the Styles section of the Titler and right click anyone of the Styles thumbnails, does not matter which one.

          Important - you do not want to highlight (blue frame) the Style thumbnail - just right click it. Then select save style from pop up menu

          The Comic Sans 338 Bold Color Red will now have its own thumbnail, typically at the bottom of the Adobe ones.

          Next, highlight (blue frame) right click that new Comic Sans thumbnail. This time select Save Style As Default.

          Close out of the Titler.


          Every time you reopen the Titler in that particular project, your default text with be Comic Sans 338 Bold Color Red.

          However, when you open a new project, the AR Berkl 100 regular color white presents when the Titler is opened for the first

          time in the new project. Then some maneuvering to get you intended default.


          In contrast, Premiere Elements 7 appears to maintain the "default" in the project in which it is created as well as for the next new project.




          Add On...Typically Adobe extends its support to latest version (now 13)/purchased/registered.

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            trigger Level 1

            I have been doing what you said but tried again and the same thing.  When I

            right click on the selected font in the styles menu the berkley font is

            written in the pop up menu even if I delete it and type the one I want it

            still comes up with the Berkley font so I can't save the one I want, I

            think it is faulty.  I am disappointed after paying the money for it.  In

            desperation I reinstalled 7 but now can't bring in the movie I have

            started.  Trigger


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              If you opened/edited the Premiere Elements 7 project in 12, you cannot go back and re-edit the newer version edited project in the older version again.

              Is that the situation that you faced?


              Please review the steps that I mentioned in my latest post. In 12, you should be able to keep the same font that you create save. I found the 12 issue to target trying to keep the default of one project for all the rest of the projects to be created.



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                As I have explained before I do exactly as you said but when I rt. click on

                HoboStd Slant Gold 80 and click on save in the drop down menu it is still

                the Berkley one comes up and even if I delete that and type in the Hobo one

                it is still the Berkley one that is saved so as I said before something is

                wrong with mine as it should save the font I want and then I should be able

                to make it default.  I had no trouble with the 7 the default I chose always

                stayed. This way it is taking me so long to put text on each photo as I

                can't keep the text I want, after I have rt.; clicked on Hobo and asked to

                make it default  it may work once or twice and then it is back to the

                Berkley font.

                As to the 7 I reinstalled when I open it and try to bring in the project I

                started in 12 it says something about corrupted files.




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                  It has been a while since our last exchange of information on trying to set a default text for Premiere Elements 12/12.1.


                  I never paid much attention to setting a special default text in Premiere Elements 12/12.1 until you mentioned that you were

                  not able to to this in 12, but could in 7.


                  It has been amazing...since I went through the steps that I defined in post 1 of your thread, I have had no problems changing

                  the default text to something other than the Adobe default. It has held now through several openings of new projects and openings

                  of the Titler within the same project.


                  If the problem of setting a default text in 12 still exists, please review my steps in post 1 again. And, determine if those steps work

                  for you now.






                  I do not believe it should make a difference but what has been working for me to retain the default text

                  Birch Std Regular 188 (Black & White)

                  Comic Sans Bold 220 (Red)

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                    As I said I think my program 12 is faulty as I have done what you said and

                    sometimes it will come in for 3 or 4 photos and then it reverts back to the

                    original default, then I have to click on to quite a few and sometimes when

                    I go back to my Hobo it will come in  and other times I have to make a new

                    one in the text drop down menu.  After shutting the computer down and

                    continuing another day I go through the same process.  Quite annoying.




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