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    mostly animating stills for online video. Best aspect ratio?

    straightlife Level 1

      I'm working on a project using some standard dv footage but mostly I'm animating photos prepped in Photoshop, animated and made 3d in After Effects, and now, since I've decided its time to abandon FCP, I'll be working in Premiere Pro.

      I originally began working on all this -- years ago -- working with square pixels. (I forget why, but was told it was a good idea). I render out of AE in 720 X 534, animation, RGB + alpha.  I began working in standard DV and will continue that way.


      I've been looking up aspect ratios but I simply can't understand the explanations.  All I really want to know is what is the best aspect ratio (square or rectangular) & 720 X ? to create an online video that never needs to be shown on anything bigger than a desktop computer.


      Please be kind and just tell me what to do?  I'm not a pro and clearly never will be a pro. I'm am amateur (an amateur is a lover, right?) This is the kind of material I've been working with.  http://straightlife.info/movielinks.html