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    Adobe Send has suddenly stopped letting me send media files, my subscription is paid up and active!

    phoenix dark-dirk

      I've used Adobe Sendnow for a long time, now that the transition has happened - I just tried to send a bunch of M4V files to a client (their live performance is tonight...and they required a last minute name-change) and now Adobe Send is telling me I need to upgrade, but the upgrade page just takes me to the normal subscription page, and when I check my account details it says that my subscription is paid and active.


      This is so critical it's freaking me out.  Client is very, very nervous.


      Can someone please let me know what I need to do to resolve this?


      All the paid options are available to me on the send page, like Logo's - personalised links etc... when I try to add M4V's from the 'files' page (they are already uploaded to the server) I get the warning and get told that my files were removed.