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    Muse Slideshows in Fixed Layout EPUB

    MP Singh Level 1

      Hi Everyone

      I created my App Folio in InDesign but later realised that based on my distribution requirements I would not be able to go via itunes app market. I have to convert my content into fixed layout epub for the requirement of my project.

      In my initial App Folio I have slideshows created in Adobe Muse and brought into Indesign Document as web overlay (HTML Slideshows from MUSE, MUSE exports those as HTML5 site) . My content is Image intensive. There are about 100 images in each slideshow, so creating those via Multi State Objects in ID including the thumbnails is not easy. Its very easy to create those in Muse .


      My question is what is the best way to use those Muse slideshows in a fixed layout EPUB . Do Folio Overlays such as WEB work with  Fixed Layout EPUB ? Second part of question is which folio overlays work with Fixed Layout EPUB ? is there a detailed help document.

      Thanks in advance for help.