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    Including CMYK profile in InDesign PDF Export

    Erkki H


      I'm trying to export from InDesign a pdf file, which includes embedded profiles both in RGB and CMYK images. There are two linked images in my INDD layout, one embedded with RGB profile and another with CMYK profile.
      In Output I have the settings NO COLOR CONVERSION.
      When in PROFILE INCLUSION POLICY I try to include profiles to images, I only can have the CMYK profile with the setting INCLUDE ALL PROFILES. But with that setting also native CMYK elements like text will be tagged with a profile, and that I do not want to have.
      With the RGB image the profile is included.


      Question # 1: Why do not CMYK profiles will be included with the settings: INCLUDE TAGGED SOURCE PROFILES and INCLUDE ALL RGB AND TAGGED CMYK SOURCE PROFILES??? According to the help they should do that.


      Question #2: Is the item CREATE TAGGED PDF in the GENERAL tab related to this somehow?


      Best Regards
      Erkki H