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    Audio Problems

      First, after wasting a day trying to troubleshoot my microphone, I finally saw postings here that my problem was my RealTek Audio card. So, I bought an external SoundBlaster soundcard. Yeah!- my microphone works. But then I discover that if I record narration by individual slide, the audio records fine. If I check "record narration" as I am recording the simulation, the sound recording is amplified to the point where all the highs and lows are cut off. I end up trashing the file and starting a new one. Now it records fine. Next, I go to preview the narration. I hear the mouse clicks, but no sound for several slides, but on that one slide the narration plays. On the others it doesn't. If I go to the individual slide within Captivate, the narration plays fine. If I publish it or preview it, the sound does not play.

      I've disabled my RealTek audio device and rebooted, but still am getting these problems. I've used Captivate on a previous machine and had no problems at all. All these problems have been on my new upgraded machine. Do I have to switch to a machine that does not have RealTek on it at all? Since this problem with RealTek was reported to Adobe back in 2005, you'd think they would have fixed it by now . . .