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    Slow basic GUI operations in After Effects, mouse clicks 'sticky'

    asmotion Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I've been experiencing very lacklustre performance from the After Effects interface, in any project larger than a few title cards.

      By that I mean just dragging keyframes, reordering layers, selecting options from context menus, etc.

      Sometimes, the clicks become very delayed and sticky, to the point when layers get moved by accident, dragged items get dropped and nested, all sorts of mess.


      I never use raytraced 3d, and generally work quite tidy - eg not enabling motion blur till last, working at low preview res. "Hardware Accellerate windows" enabled. Not using mercury transmit. No multiprocessing. Not much else running on the system apart from some basic stuff like AV, google drive, Bit Torrent sync etc.

      Drivers always at latest.


      I'd consider my machine to be more than up to the task, so wondered if anyone has any pointers in general, where to start investigating.



      Dell Precision based system:

      2x 6-core Xeon 2.6 (12 physical, 24 logical cores)

      24 gb ram

      GTX 670 driving 30" hp at 2650x1600

      128gb Samsung 850 pro SSD exclusively for ae cache.

      3x 15k RPM sas drives in R0 as system drive.

      Windows 8.1

      Wacom tablet