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    Does the problem "Importing footnotes in tables from a Word document" have been improved?


      Hello everybody


      I have a problem as the exactly same as I searched above. Please let me cite the description below:


      "... i am importing a Word document in InDesign. This document is containing footnotes in text and in tables. In the Word document the numbering for the footnotes is for example, number 1-9 in text and 10 in table, 11-15 again in text and 16 in table. In others words, the footnotes both from text and tables are one serie of numbers. When i import this Word text in InDesign the numbering is changing. The numbering of the footnotes in tables starts with number 1. So in InDesign i have two separated series of footnotes. Each starting from number 1. And that 's a problem. I want them to apair as one serie of numbers, including the footnotes in tables. Is there a solution for this problem?..."(Importing footnotes in tables from a Word document, HansGrifontwerp)


      I noticed that the discussion was posted on 2010-11-11 so that I hope to know does the problem have been improved in Indesign CC 2014? Now I have a 400 page book project which contains hundred tables combining with footnotes. I am trying to control the text and tables' footnotes into one number series but not change them into endnotes. However, my expectation really works in Word document.


      Thank you so much!