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    IndDesign CS5 content lost


      Problems with InDesign 7.0.4 (CS5) on Mac Pro MacOS x 10.8.5: on some page the content is lost. Text-frames and picture-frames are suddenly deleted.

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          Ri_Kro Level 1

          P.S.: new objects can not be placed, objects of others can not be moved out there

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            Same issue.


            Working on 17 page document.  Made changes to two pages and went to work on another.  Went back to original changed pages and all content is missing.  No text boxes, not images.  Links tab still shows the images in the drawer and brings me to the page when choose Go to Link, but pages are blank.


            Cannot add any content to the pages either.  Tried to copy and paste from an older version and I get an error saying InDesign cannot create bounding box.  When trying to add a Text box to the page InDesign hangs and has to be force quit.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Sounds like the file is damaged. Deleting the blank pages may reflow the text, but you'll have to add new page to replace them and replace the images.