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    Application Crashing - Debugging Techniques?

    Robert S Level 1
      I have created a fairly sophisticated application over my learning process and the application is frequently crashing. The problem is that I can't make the application crash under Flex Builder. No matter what I do the the software and how aggressive I get with scrolling, clicking, mousewheeling, etc... the application just keeps on ticking... but as soon as I move it out of the Flex Builder debuging platform, it's not so robust... any suggestions on how I can find the causes of this? I am using Windows XP Pro SP2 and IE 7... if that helps at all.
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          batmitra Level 1
          If it's crashing when you deploy ,you know where it crashes, i mean, it crashes when you do a certain thing on your application doesn't it? If this is the case the best thing you cam do is use breakpoints on flexbuilder debugging to see what's happening where it crashes. If the application makes use of remote services, such as HTTPSEVICE,WEBSERVICE,ETC. perhaps you have forgotten to change localhost to the name of your server, or you can be missing the crossdomain.xml file on your server.

          This is all guessing since i don't know what it says when it crashes, so if you want you can send a link to us to see where it crashes or simply put here the message it gives.
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            Robert S Level 1
            You misunderstood. It crashes with the Flash player by just running it outside of the Flex Builder debug state... same application, same source, same data-locations, etc.. it's not a deployment issue, it's a stability issue. The application is not specific to when it crashes... it's very much a stability thing for my application and Flash. Need debug techniques OUTSIDE of flex builder. Running the Flex Builder debug state creates a completely stable application. I can't get it to crash. But it won't be running this way in the real word.