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    Indesign image placement issue after Yosemite


      After I upgraded to Yosemite, and after installing the Java 6 and 8 for my CS5, I am having problem with InDesign when I tried to search for images to place on my pages. Because I have thousands of product images in my computer, I need to use the "name matches" function to look up the exact image I need. But I cannot click on the pop-up menu that show up right after I type in the file name in the finder.


      This is what I did:

      Selected the image box I want to place the image in

      Short key commend+D to bring out the Place window

      Type in the image file name in the search box on the right, then the option for Name matches will pop up underneath.

      Here's the problem, I cannot click on it, it just won't response. So I am getting all the files that contains that name.

      But that function in normal finder/window works.


      This problem is causing me serious productivity issue.

      Does anybody has the same problem, or have any idea how to fix it? Thank you.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          CS5 is unsupported under Yosemite and if you did an in place upgrade you made even more trouble for yourself.




          Bottomline: If it worked before you “upgraded” what was so compelling about it to mess with a working system?

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            Brikd Level 1

            Thank You jent85 for having this same problem.  Only I am using CS4.  Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator can no longer "match name" when searching within InDesign. I just get an error beep and ALL the results within.   Very frustrating after spending $1500 for this software. Please don't answer with upgrade. Why? To fix one thing? Another $1500 or 29 then 49 per month?   Software is a tool and a hammer can always hammer a nail no matter if they upgrade the nail.


            All my other software works so far as I can see.   Is there a terminal command or some fix for this?  I found a fix for speeding up printing in Indesign by removing some PDD's english french etc.  Hoping there is something like this for this one.


            Perhaps there is something else online we cannot find.  My search phrase is not accurate.  What do you call the 'finder search box" when you are within software?   In other words what are some terms to search in google?

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Same answer to you that the OP got and CS4 is even older.


              It's unsupported under Yosemite and an in place upgrade of an O/S is a total crapshoot.


              My best advice is to back everything up and do a clean install of Yosemite followed by a proper installation of your applications. Hopefully that will work, but unfortunately, you're on your own.