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    Internal Flash Update Server


      I added my Updates directory to the server but I do not think my client is reaching it. The internal server directory is actually server.domain.com/Flash, since I am sharing it with other services. Will this work? I have tried both leaving the /Flash on the FQDN in the Mms.cfg, and not having it there. If the answer is it has to be on its own server and the only thing on port 80, please kindly confirm.


      I have reviewed the scenarios in the discussion and it looks like the codes in the Flash Update log are a secret and the discussions do not really help since they are case by case and no information about the codes is offered up, usually. So any guidance would be appreciated. Can someone tell me what is going on here?


      2014-11-21+18-39-0.430 [info] 1619 1063

      2014-11-21+18-39-0.445 [info] 1628 server1.ms.xyxdomain.com

      2014-11-21+18-39-0.445 [info] 1629 server1.ms.xyzdomain.com

      2014-11-21+18-39-0.445 [info] 1614

      2014-11-21+18-39-0.445 [info] 1615

      2014-11-21+18-39-0.445 [info] 1618

      2014-11-21+18-39-0.445 [info] 1608

      2014-11-21+18-39-0.445 [info] 1612

      2014-11-21+18-39-0.445 [info] 1620

      2014-11-21+18-39-0.461 [info] 1604