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    Import Elements catalog into Lightroom


      Hi everybody,


      I used PSE on my notebook for a couple of years now. As i bougth a new pc recently I want to upgrade to Photoshop CC / Lightroom. So here is my question:


      Is it possible to import my elements catalog into Lightroom including my tags?

      I still have got my copy of Elements 11 installed on my notebook, I´ve got a trial copy of PSE 13 on my new pc and already imported my catalog. I also installed Lightroom 5.6 on the pc.


      I already looked on the internet but I only found one video which shows the solution I need but on Lightroom 3 and the function used in the video isn´t avalible in 5.6 any more.


      If you need any more information please feel free to ask.


      Greatings from Germany