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    Data Merge. Creating Rules?


      Can you create rules to work with data merge? Wondering if it would be possible in Indesign to create a rule such as:

      This rule would be based on my PriceMultiple column. If PriceMultiple is 1 or PriceMultiple is empty Then set result to Omit Text.

      If not Set result to Literal Text to /

      This is a screen capture of my rule in Darwin.   I have a job set up in Darwin but would like to set in up In Indesign if possible.  I have several other rules too that I would need to create.

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          Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

          Using InDesign straight out of the box without any knowledge of scripting or any third party plug-ins, the answer is no. Data Merge doesn't have any "triggers" like this - about the only thing it can detect is if a field is a picture or a QRcode, and these are indicated in the header row by @ or # symbols. GREP styles can be used as text comes in to format text that matches particular results, but InDesign's Data Merge can't ADD or REMOVE text, only change its appearance via this technique.


          That said, I am aware that this post is in the scripting forum so the scripters may have some solutions available, but in my time the javascript solutions that feature data merge are few and far between... Nevertheless I thought that I should state that by itself without plugins or scripts, it isn't a feature of InDesign's Data Merge... at least not at the time of writing this post.

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            PrePressOne Level 1

            Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.  I will keep searching for a better solution for setting up this job.