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    convert catalog from earlier version

    imagex ideas Level 1

      How can I convert my LR3.6 catalog to a LR5.6 version without loosing the 3.6 version? If I duplicate the catalog files, change the name of the duplicate file and then ask LR5.6 to import and convert the renamed copy will that give me two catalogs referring to the same RAW image "negatives"?  If so, will the LR5.6 catalog show the photos under PV2010 or convert them to PV2012?  I assume that if the conversion to PV2012 isn't done automatically I can ask LR5.6 to convert the shots or folders I want converted after the new catalog is active without affecting the PV2010 version in the original LR3.6 catalog.  [My goal is to run both versions and triage which one I use on selected photos because I find I get best results using LR5.6 and PV2012 on most shots, but significantly better results using LR3.6 and PV2010 on some (perhaps 10 percent of my keeper shots)].