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    How to run data merge from external hard drive?

    Booklet Data Merge Printi

      I attempting to merge a large document (~4,000 records) in CS3. The document that I'm merging the data into is also large (an 8 page newsletter). I have exported the pages of the document as a PDF and the imported them again (therefore minimizing the data/links/etc.) but the amount of memory it was consuming was still crashing the program when I ran it on my computer. I bought a TB external hard drive and would like to run the merge from there so that it is using that memory/RAM instead of my computer's. I moved the indesign file, all the pdf links, and the .csv file that is the data source to the external hard drive. That didn't solve the problem. Is the merge now running from the external hard drive and still not working or is there something further I need to be doing to get InDesign using the external hard drive memory instead of my computer's memory? Any advice would be wonderful, thanks!