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    Tutorial videos on using Form Central


      Good morning,


      I have Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and it came with a version of Forms Central. I am creating a performance review form from scratch and it would be helpful if there was a tutorial video on how to use Forms Central. Right now, I've learned the basics from trial and error, but need the extra learning demos to increased skill in using the program. For example, I am trying to have a header on all pages of the form and I am struggling on how to add that (maybe it is just the simple version of Forms Central I have. It appears in the tutorials and info online that there are more tools in the program that I show listed on my program. My version just has two tabs "Design" and "Collect Responses Online").

      Also, I will need to learn the best way to distribute the form for everyone to complete it. Ideally, it would go electronically to all managers to complete, as well as all employees for their self assessment piece and then they would be able to send it to HR for review after completion.


      Any help you can direct me to would be appreciated! Thanks!