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    Lightroom 5 Edit in CS6 under Yosemite Doesn't Open the Image


      I just upgraded to Yosemite.  Doing that fixed a bunch or problems but seems to have created a new one.  When I right click Edit In, I get the following results:

      • Edit a copy with Lightroom Adjustments everything works correctly, CS6 opens with the image
      • Edit a copy of the original, I get a new copy in LR, but no don't transfer into CS6 and if CS6 is already open the image isn't there
      • Edit Original CS6 opens without the image


      Has anyone else had this experience?  If so is there a fix?





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          Hi John,

          Trying to solve a similar issue where none of the adjustments made in lightroom are carried forward into photoshop when using the edit in. The dialogue box with the various option as to use the Lightroom adjustments etc is missing. The file just opens up unadjusted in photoshop. Wondered if you had found the solution to your problem. I've gone through all the preferences for file handling, and for catalogue setting. Tried checking various tick boxes or unchecking only to find it makes no difference. Have uninstalled reinstalled several times all to no avail. Sounds similar to your problem in some ways hence why the message.